Catholic Schools Week 2016

St. Saviour HS, Park Slope

Confidence, Creativity and Sisterhood

Why Choose an All-Girls School?

According to a 2009 UCLA study, young women who attend all-girls high schools demonstrate:

• greater confidence in math, computer and writing abilities.

• 30 percent higher SAT scores in reading, writing and math.

• greater political engagement and interest in engineering careers.

• self-confidence in public speaking, and greater likelihood of engaging in extracurricular activities.

• a higher realization that college is a stepping-stone to graduate school.

• a lower tendency to think in terms of “girl-subjects” and to fit traditional stereotypes.

“There is a spontaneity, a synergy, an emotional security, and a sense of community that seem to flow out of shared experiences and common purposes as young women. What I saw and what I heard from students, parents, staff and alumnae was that these schools are safe harbors where girls can securely weather the storms of adolescence while nurturing their spirit and intellect.” – Rosemary Salomone ’64, author of: Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking Single-Sex schooling (Harvard University Press, 2010)

Why Choose St. Saviour H.S.?

St. Saviour H.S., Park Slope, we pride ourselves on dynamic student-teacher relationships, a rigorous academic curriculum, flexibility and small class sizes, which allows students to think critically and creatively in the liberal arts, sciences and technology.

We believes you will develop into a young woman empowered to make changes in the world. Students grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and socially through Catholic education. You will gain a strong academic foundation to reach your fullest potential. You will experience the St. Saviour sisterhood!

Recent college acceptances include: Barnard, BU, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Cooper Union, Cornell, Dartmouth, FIT, Georgetown, GWU, Harvard, NYU, U. Penn, Princeton, RIT, Rensselaer, Smith, Stevens, U. Rochester and Villanova.

Call 718-768-4406 ext. 10 or visit to learn more.

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