Diocesan News

St. Saviour High School – Shannon McLoughlin

Parish: St. Ephrem, Dyker Heights

Family: Thomas and Patricia, parents; Tara and Julia, sisters

Neighborhood: Bay Ridge

Extracurricular Activities: Valedictorian; National Honor Society; Gaelic Society; Skyline newspaper; Red Cross Club; History Matters Club, chairperson; Science Club, president; Shalom Club, president; JV Softball, captain, JV Basketball, captain; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Soccer, captain, Varsity Softball; Government Tutor; Sichenze & Sichenze Law Office administrator; OLPH Soccer Clinic instructor; St. Ephrem Basketball referee and instructor; St.Saviour Catholic Academy tutor; SYEP P.S. 94 counselor; IHM Bible Camp counselor

Awards: Brooklyn College Outstanding Chemistry Award; St. John’s Women in Science Award; National Latin Society Summa Cum Laude; George Washington University STEM Medal, Four-year General Excellence; GCHSAA Marie Sisti Sportsmanship Award; GCHSAA All-League Award

Scholarships: Wesleyan University; Kassenbrock Memorial Scholarship; Loyola Presidential Scholarship; Manhattan College Presidential Scholarship; Hunter College, Macaulay Honors; Fordham University, Dean’s Scholarship

Post-graduation Plans: Study Economics at Wesleyan University

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