Catholic Schools Week 2017

St. Joseph High School

Educating the Nation’s Future Leaders

St. Joseph High School, a Catholic all-girls school, empowers young women to find their voices, grow in faith and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Located in historic Downtown Brooklyn, the school was founded over a century ago by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood, L.I. Nationally recognized leaders in the education of young women, the Sisters believed then – as they believe today – that if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

Today, St. Joseph High School provides academic rigor and excellent college and career preparation for young women with diverse backgrounds and faiths from all five boroughs of New York City.

At St. Joseph High School, young women experience a strong academic and values-based curriculum in a safe, dynamic environment where they are motivated to be responsible for their actions, rise above peer pressure and be true to themselves. The faculty understands how girls learn and creates a climate with high expectations for academic achievement and mutual respect. Faculty and students form an extraordinary bond that often lasts a lifetime.

Full STEAM Ahead

State-of-the-art technology engages students across the curriculum with a rapidly expanding STEAM Program that prepares students to be leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and the Arts. With a STEAM Program linked to major New York City academic and research universities, St. Joseph High School offers a solid academic program enhanced by unique experiences for young women interested in this growing field.

In the fall of 2017, the school will offer expanded opportunities for teaching and learning with the iPad 1:1 Program. Guided by a talented faculty, students will travel beyond the traditional classroom and engage in interactive, project-based learning across the curriculum.

The school has also been selected as one of 80 international members of the Fab Lab Connect Network. Emerging from MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms Fab Lab Program, St. Joseph High School’s Fab Lab Connect Program provides a platform for education and innovation using technology and digital fabrication. Students will be able to make (almost) anything and have opportunities to improve the lives of other people, both locally and globally.

At the same time, St. Joseph High School is one of 54 schools in the nation to be selected for The Ultimaker Pioneer Program. Students and educators near and far, share their journey of teaching and learning using 3D printers.

The visual and performing arts are an essential part of the STEAM program at the school and provide countless opportunities for students to expand their imaginations. Students develop technical abilities and personal vision through the study of both traditional and contemporary media.

Students build confidence and self-discipline while enhancing analytical and communication skills. Students move beyond boundaries and explore new ideas through theater, dance, speech and music.

Choosing an All-Girls School

A study by the National Coalition of Girls Schools analyzes the responses to the High School Survey of Student Engagement, which was taken by 13,000 girls attending all-girls schools, co-ed independent schools and co-ed public schools. The girls’ responses provide overwhelming support for the value of an all-girls educational environment.

The most significant findings in the report state that students attending all-girls schools:

• Have higher aspirations and greater motivation.

• Feel more comfortable being themselves and expressing their ideas.

• Show greater gains on core academic and life skills.

Admissions and Financial Aid

St. Joseph High School is committed to every student with intellectual promise regardless of her economic situation. Tuition assistance is available based on need. Each student receives individual consideration based on information provided by her parents or guardians. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Contact Elizabeth Peralta, admissions director, at or call 718-624-3618, ext. 21, to schedule a visit to St. Joseph High School and see why it is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

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