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St. Helen Catholic Academy


Developing Values and Skills

Invest in your child’s spiritual and academic development. Educating the whole child is the primary focus at St. Helen Catholic Academy, located in Howard Beach, Queens.

Providing a rigorous curriculum, meeting the highest standards for pre-kindergarten through grade eight, St. Helen Catholic Academy is dedicated to developing a strong foundation in faith, rooted in the traditions of the Catholic Church.

To be successful now and in the future, students develop values and skills to excel in their spiritual and academic pursuits.

St. Helen Catholic Academy recognizes that you, the parent or guardian, are your child’s first and most constant teacher.

The educators at the school will work with you to help your child grow into a young adult that can not only meet today’s complex challenges, but also do so with a gracious spirit and a will to share his or her gifts and talents.

For more information, visit or call 718-835-4155.