Catholic Schools Week 2017

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy

Developing Self-Reliance and Self-Worth

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy evolved from what was St. Gregory the Great School, established in 1912 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

For over a century, the school has adhered to its mission of fostering spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social growth and guiding the moral development of all its students. Alumni can be found at the highest levels of national, state and local government and in academic, scientific, medical, legal, religious and creative arenas.

Like almost all diocesan parish elementary schools, it recently transitioned to an academy form of governance.

“This change opens up new opportunities for the school without causing much to change for students,” said Principal Rudolph Cyrus.

The school is now located at 2520 Church Ave. in Flatbush, and serves the parishes of Holy Cross, Holy Innocents and St. Matthew, which includes the faith communities of St. Gregory the Great and Our Lady of Charity.

The academy serves a diverse population of families whose cultural heritages are rooted in African-American, Caribbean and Central American traditions, but they are united in their belief in the Christian teaching of the Gospel.

Well-trained faculty and staff, many of whom are bilingual, provide a nurturing environment and solid academic foundation for all students from nursery and pre-kindergarten to grade eight.

The academy helps students develop self-reliance and appreciate their self-worth as children of God. Students learn to choose their interpersonal relationships consistent with their knowledge of Christian life.

“Traditionally, half of our graduating class will attend Catholic high schools,” Mr. Cyrus said. Recent choices have included Bishop Loughlin, Xaverian, St. Joseph and Nazareth. Graduates have also been accepted into specialized high schools.

The school also offers a host of after-school programs and activities and receive much support in all endeavors from an active and vibrant parent association. Opportunities for need-based scholarships and tuition assistance are available.

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