Back to School 2016

St. Francis of Assisi School, Astoria

Community of Faith, Knowledge and Service

St. Francis of Assisi School (SFA), located in the vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood of Astoria, is a caring community of faith, knowledge and service. SFA is be firmly committed to the school mission, which is to develop a “way of life” rooted in Christ and a Catholic vision that provides inspiration and identity to all members of the school community.

Students are engaged in cognitively challenging tasks and actively involved in gaining mastery and proficiency in the required skills necessary for success in post-secondary education and in the global arena.

The Latin and Greek Roots Program, Achieve 3000, a comprehensive online reading program and Aleks for Math, as well as the teachers’ desire to advance their own learning are evidence of the school-wide commitment to Success For All. The goal is to teach so that the curriculum supports students’ strengths and helps them reach their fullest potential.

By modeling and instilling commitment, passion and perseverance, the school believes that students can achieve success. Through the faith-based education program and a solid work ethic, students are guided to become children of faith, avid learners and socially conscious individuals.

Children need to believe that they can boost their academic achievement level with a motivational perspective and resilience to follow through to a set goal with hard work, determination and tenacity.

At SFA, the goal is to convince students that they can succeed, and support them in doing just that!

Knowing that technology tools are crucial to success, SFA has developed a plan to keep the school evolving in a modern WiFi environment as competent and responsible users of technology.

In the spring of 2016, eighth graders successfully took part in the NYS online ELA Field Test assessment pilot program. The school is proud of these 2016 graduating students who also received placement in the high schools of their choice. Their accomplishments give the school the impetus to keep moving forward and encourage efforts to continue building a school of excellence.