Back to School 2017

St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy

St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy, located in the multi-ethnic, urban community of Ozone Park, exists to provide for the education of the whole child within an environment where spiritual growth, academic excellence and an appreciation of multicultural values are fostered.

The academy proudly provides a foundation where a love of learning, a desire for self-reliance and passion to live faithfully are championed.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy is immensely proud of its students and teachers; the graduating Class of 2017 earned well over $250,000 in scholarship money for high school.

Classroom teachers work tirelessly to meet the needs of all students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

The academy offers an accelerated program that prepares middle school students to take the Integrated Algebra I Common Core Regents as well as the Earth Science Regents.

For students who need some extra educational support, there are Title I services in literacy and math, ELL services, full-time SETTS teachers, speech therapy and guidance counselors.

In addition to its rigorous academic program, the academy has classes in Spanish, computer, art, music and physical education.

Educators employ a STEM program provided by Teaching Garage in most grades.

This year, St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Academy is proud to announce the beginning of an iPad program in grades three and four, where each student will have a device to use.

The academy plans to expand the program in the coming years.