Catholic Schools Week 2017

St. Edmund Elementary School

Hands-On Learning in New STEM Lab

At St. Edmund Elementary School in Sheepshead Bay, the instructional program is designed to nurture students’ individual learning styles. The goal is to develop in each student the skills that will support academic success throughout elementary school, high school and college.

The school places an emphasis on study and organizational skills that foster critical thinking skills. School-wide interdisciplinary projects enable students to apply knowledge across all curriculum areas.

The newly installed STEM Science Lab provides students from kindergarten to grade eight with hands-on learning experiences in biology, physics and chemistry while employing engineering and math concepts.

The school shares a unique and collaborative relationship with St. Edmund Preparatory H.S. Eighth graders are invited to participate in high school-level math and science classes. Students from the Prep complete their community service requirements by assisting as tutors and class helpers in St. Edmund Elementary’s early childhood classes. The inclusion of Spanish in the curriculum prepares students for a workplace that is now a global society requiring proficiency in more than one language. Activities, such as Junior High Aquinas Enrichment, band, choir and student council cultivate students’ academic, creative and leadership talents and abilities.

The distinctive architectural style of the school building that houses St. Edmund Church creates a charming and peaceful environment that enhances the spirituality that is integral to all school programs and activities. The school community, which consists of many members who have been generational parishioners of St. Edmund parish, enriches the family-oriented atmosphere.

The dedicated faculty of St. Edmund Elementary School works diligently to nurture students’ spiritual, social, emotional and academic growth and development. The school’s goal is to prepare each student to reach his or her goals in a caring, intellectually stimulating learning environment.

New families are always welcome to join in the vibrant community that is St. Edmund Elementary.

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