Back to School 2017

St. Clare Academy, Rosedale A Safe, Compassionate Learning Environment

St. Clare Catholic Academy, located off the Belt and Southern State parkways in Rosedale, offers an educational environment that is child-centered and challenging. Faculty and staff are devoted to assisting students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade to grow academically, spiritually and socially.

Teachers are well educated to plan and execute Common Core lessons that not only engage students, but also keep them on task and wanting to learn more. With SMART Boards in every classroom, a newly installed Wi-Fi infrastructure, a state-of-the-art STEM lab, and a technology lab equipped with iPads, Nooks and tablets, the sky is the limit as to the academic information afforded to students.

Classes follow a broad academic program that includes computer lab, STEM lab, second language, music, health and physical education. Students can enhance their personal gifts through extracurricular activities, including step team, dance clubs, drama club, piano lessons, choir, the sports program and band. After school remedial and enrichment programs as well as prep classes helps students to better prepare for the

NYS exams. The academy consistently employs innovative ways to reach and teach students based on their individual needs.

The academy also offers affordable, extended day care, which includes early morning and after school programs.

Parents feel confident, each day know- ing their children are in the best place to achieve academic excellence. A pleased kindergarten parent states, “When investing in your child’s education, St. Clare Catholic Academy is where you want your child!”

St. Clare Catholic Academy’s mission is to promote Christian values, to enhance morality and to develop respect for self and others. Faculty and staff strive to create and ensure a safe, compassionate environment where each child is encouraged to recognize his or her place in the world.

The academy is governed by a dedicated board whose members are well respected in the community, and work tirelessly to ensure the success of the students and the vitality of the academy.

St. Clare Catholic Academy provides a free Pre-K For All Program and an affordable educational program for students in kindergarten through grade eight.