Back to School 2015

St. Bernadette School, Dyker Heights: 62 Years of Excellence

At St. Bernadette School, Dyker Heights, excellence is the standard, not the goal! The Class of 2015 (26 students) received over $216,000 in academic scholarships! The school’s state test scores exceed the state and city average in grades four, six, and eight for ELA and math! Hard work, student encouragement and development of the whole child get results at St. Bernadette School.

The school has a strong Catholic identity. It celebrates liturgies once monthly and participate in Eucharistic devotions. Students take part in prayer services regularly. A variety of Christian service projects develop annually providing the students with opportunities to put their faith into practice. The students’ faith life is also developed as they further their leadership skills in projects that they themselves create and facilitate.

St. Bernadette School offers an integrated, Common Core standards-based curriculum, which consists of the major disciplines of religion, English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Regularly scheduled classes staffed by specialized teachers in educational technology (K-8), Italian (K-8), art (K-8), music (K-5) and physical education (K-8) add an essential dimension to student life. Classroom teachers provide a solid core curriculum individualizing their instruction to meet the abilities and learning styles of their students.

STEM subjects are the focus this year with an emphasis on Project Based Learning. For this reason, one classroom has been renovated this summer into a state-of-the-art Science Lab for middle and junior high school students. Additionally, a study of Latin and Greek roots is in store for all students Pre-K4 through grade eight.

St. Bernadette School also offers a host of extracurricular activities: student council, chemistry club, choir, band, hand bell choir, violin, mathletics club and confectionery club, to name a few.

St. Bernadette School welcomes students beginning with the Pre-K 3-year-old program through grade eight. Additionally, the school offers a Moms and Tots program, which meets twice weekly. There are a few spaces currently available in the Pre-K4 program. For further information, call 718-236-1560 or send an email to

An active Home School Association works hard toward the success of the school! The association’s first major project is a golf outing on Sept. 21 in collaboration with the Dyker Heights Athletic Association. Interested in playing golf with us? Send an email to the address above.