Back to School 2016

St. Agnes Academic High School

Academic Resources and College Partnership
Programs to Ensure Success


Located in College Point, St. Agnes Academic High School provides an intellectual environment where students grow academically, personally and spiritually. From the beginning, students are exposed to a full range of academic resources and college partnerships to ensure success in high school, college and beyond.

This year, St. Agnes has entered into a partnership with Molloy College in Rockville Centre, on D.R.E.A.M. BIG: Dominican Roots in Education. St. Agnes and Molloy College offer a series of experiences, seminars and workshops at St. Agnes and on the Molloy College campus.

D.R.E.A.M. BIG offers students insights about colleges and careers from accomplished leaders in higher education. Under the guidance of Molloy College faculty, St. Agnes students will experience a rich variety of programs including: Building Your Future in STEM; the Humanities & Technology; TV Studio Workshop; Law & Order Seminar; Dance/Theater/Art Workshop, and Choosing a Career Path. The program will continue to expand, becoming a college bridge program for a select number of students. Currently, St. Agnes offers a an elective law course to seniors for college credit through Molloy.

St. Agnes also participates in the St. John’s University (SJU) College Advantage Program as well as the Science Research Program of SUNY Albany. SJU’s College Advantage Program invites seniors to enroll in college credit courses at a discounted rate while still enrolled at St. Agnes. Students may take courses, such as British authors, college writing, advanced algebra, calculus, human biology, people and the environment, psychology, psychology of women, and emergence of a global society.

SUNY Albany’s Science Research Program is open to 10th, 11th and 12th graders with a qualifying GPAs who pass the interview process. Students can earn up to 12 college credits while working one-on-one with a mentor on a scientific research project of their choosing.

For more information about the variety of college partnership programs, contact Keri-Ann Wade-Donohue, assistant principal of strategic planning, at 718- 353-6276.