Calling All NFL Fans

Calling all sports fans, especially NFL fans! Recently, pre-game national anthem protests have garnered as many media headlines as the games themselves. I would like to gather the thoughts of local parishioners on how they feel about these protests. Should the players be required to stand during the national anthem? Should the league institute punishments? Should the media back off and allow these players to exhibit their right to free speech? Is there another way these players can protest that does not involve our nation’s symbol of freedom? Please email your opinion (preferably a four-to-five sentence paragraph) to me at, and please include your full name, hometown and diocesan parish, if applicable. My goal is to combine the public’s opinion on the issue into an upcoming “Good Sports” column.


One thought on “Calling All NFL Fans

  1. The players have a right to protest. But, they should not disrespect the flag of our great nation. We stand for the National Anthem to show respect. Not standing shows disrespect. It helps to divide our country, not heal it.