Sports Round Up Feb. 17

Photo courtesy Rob Caldera

CYO hosted its first annual “Nothin’ But Net” Epilepsy Awareness Basketball Tournament Jan. 15 at St. Adalbert parish, Elmhurst. Six teams from St. Adalbert and neighboring parish Our Lady of Hope, Middle Village, participated.

Elizabeth Meade, a Pee-Wee division CYO basketball player for St. Adalbert, has been living with epilepsy since age five. She’s had numerous emergency room visits, brain MRIs and blood tests and takes anti-seizure medication daily.

The medication works well to control her seizures, though she does experience some side effects. However, she has been able to enjoy a fulfilling childhood, playing basketball and softball as well as being an Irish dancer.

Elizabeth recently learned of a program called “Athletes vs. Epilepsy,” a nationwide program from athletes, coaches, volunteers and fans to raise awareness and funds to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy.

Elizabeth’s mom Cathy approached St. Adalbert basketball director Lou Pagnotta about the idea to start an epilepsy awareness tournament. Pagnotta agreed and involved CYO, which donated 200 purple and white T-shirts for the event.

The tournament raised nearly $2,000 for the cause. For more information or to donate, visit