Sports Round-Up

Diocesan CYO hosted its annual girls’ swimming championships March 19 at the Eisenhower Park Aquatic Center, East Meadow, L.I. A field of 16 teams competed across three divisions. Here are the results of the meets:

‘A’ Division Results:
1st Place:  St. Sebastian: 314 pts.
2nd Place: Tri-M (Our Lady of Mercy/Our Lady Queen of Martyrs): 263 pts.
3rd Place: St. Francis de Sales: 253 pts.
4th Place: OLAN (Our Lady of Perpetual Help/St. Andrew): 227 pts.
5th Place: Good Shepherd: 215 pts.

‘B’ Division Results:
1st Place: Holy Name: 294 pts.
2nd Place: ANSOLA (St. Anselm/Our Lady of Angels): 276 pts.
3rd Place: St. Virgilius/St. Camillus: 262 pts.
4th Place: St. Patrick/St. Ephrem: 223 pts.
5th Place: Sacred Heart: 217 pts.

‘C’ Division Results:
1st Place: St. Gregory the Great: 332 pts.
2nd Place: FLUKES (Holy Family/St. Luke): 302 pts.
3rd Place: LIAM (Our Lady of Lourdes/Incarnation/American Martyrs): 293.5 pts.
4th Place: SAINTS (Resurrection/St. Mark): 280.5 pts.
5th Place: Divine Ladies (Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament/St. Robert Bellarmine): 256 pts.
6th Place: Blessed Trinity: 186 pts.

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