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SPONSORED: Catholic Education Builds the Foundation for Life With Faith, Service, and Excellence

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During the 2020-2021 school year, our Catholic Academies and Parish Schools celebrated Catholic Schools Week with the theme of “Faith, Service, and Excellence.” These descriptors are fitting as we reflect on the past school year and look ahead to welcome students and families in September.

The theme of faith, service, and excellence, encompasses many of the attributes that contribute to what makes a Catholic education different. This multi-faceted description showcases that education in a Catholic Academy or Parish School does not have a singular focus.

The development of a child requires the acknowledgement and care of each part of the individual. This past year has highlighted the important role that education holds in the life of children and families not just for academic growth and achievement but for socio-emotional development and spiritual well-being.

At the center of Catholic education and the first descriptor, is our faith. We eagerly await September as students, faculty, and clergy come together for Liturgy. This shared experience of faith is truly remarkable to witness and reflects the core of Catholic education, to share in the knowledge and love of Christ. Faith does not grow in isolation.

It is our shared faith journeys that strengthen and empower the heart to fully embrace the love of Christ. Continuing the celebration of faith within our classrooms strengthens the bonds of the Church as the Body of Christ. Our Catholic Academies and Parish Schools are blessed with families who understand the importance of strengthening a child’s faith at every opportunity as well as faculty who live the words of Christ in their actions and values.

Last year, undoubtedly was challenging but it high- lighted the commitment of administration, faculty, and staff to continue to provide quality education opportunities. In reflecting at the end of the school year, the common theme in feedback from administrators and families was the dedication of teachers and staff. Service goes hand in hand with a life rooted in the Catholic faith.

We see the works of Christ alive in our teachers as they serve students and families. Even during the darkest times of the pandemic, through uncertainty and doubt, our school communities were led by beacons of light in the administrators and teachers. As we focus on September, we are filled with hope at the potential that lies in a new school year knowing that through faith and service, we have already risen through challenging times and are prepared to face all that may come.

Across the Diocese of Brooklyn, teachers and administrators are already hard at work beginning preparations for a new school year with the understanding that excellence is not a passive occurrence. It is through the hard work and dedication of faculty and staff that Academies and Parish Schools provide the best learning environments, from innovative STREAM programs to global languages to technology labs. Our schools are “Building a Foundation for Life” through their in-depth understanding of the needs of students as they work to become global citizens. Excellence cannot be limited to a momentary assessment.

It also relies on the mindset of constant growth and development. To be excellent in the moment is a milestone, but to continuously strive towards excellence, understanding that there are no limits to potential is a mindset that students live in their Catholic school experience.

We look forward to beginning the school year with hope and excitement. We are happy to welcome back current students and families as well as meet prospective families. For families who are considering a Catholic Academy or Parish School, we invite you to take the time to visit and truly experience the Catholic school difference, centered in faith and the love of Christ.

This difference has been pivotal in developing faith, academics, and socio-emotional well-being of each child. We believe in the potential of each child and continuously strive to guide each child to achieve their God-given potential. We are thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to additional students and families.

As you prepare your child and family for the beginning of the school year, may you take time to be truly present in your moments together. We pray for peace and relaxation in the coming weeks and look forward to welcoming students and families back to school in September.