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‘Sound of Freedom’ Outpaces ‘Indiana Jones’ on July 4th Debut

By The Tablet Staff

In a surprising turn of events at the Independence Day box office, “Sound of Freedom” defeated the latest installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, “The Dial of Destiny.” 

The movie starring Jim Caviezel opened to a one-day gross of $14 million, soaring past Harrison Ford’s flick after revised estimates determined “Indiana Jones” only brought home $11.7 million.

While the victory would allow Angel Studios, the upstart distributor of “Sound of Freedom” to declare it “America’s #1 Movie” on its official website, the triumph doesn’t necessarily mean its overall box office draw would be higher than the Disney-produced film.

“Dial of Destiny” has already garnered a total of $83 million domestically, and an additional $70 million from overseas markets.

Despite having the smaller overall draw, it’s more likely that the “Sound of Freedom” will be a more profitable movie, considering the action film directed by Alejandro Monteverde was made on a modest budget of $14.5 million, a fraction of the nearly $300 million invested in “Dial of Destiny.”

“Sound of Freedom” is based loosely on the life of Tim Ballard, a former special agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Ballard — who founded Operation Underground Railroad in 2013, an organization dedicated to combating child sex trafficking — became the focal point of this compelling story.

In the film, Caviezel portrays Ballard in the twilight of his DHS career, burdened by the emotional toll of trafficking cases involving vulnerable migrant children.

“Sound of Freedom” sheds light on the dark world of child trafficking while highlighting the heroic efforts of individuals like Tim Ballard.