Up Front and Personal

Some of These Tweets Are Too Long for Twitter

by Father John Catoir

After years of writing books and columns, I’ve discovered a new way to communicate. I’ve taken to Twitter, which I’ve found to be yet another channel I can use to help others grow in joy and in spirit. The following is a compilation of my latest musings, some too long to tweet. But if you’re on Twitter and you’d like to see more, please follow me at @johncatoir.

• A cynic said that the argument for intelligent design doesn’t prove God’s existence. That’s like saying a home run doesn’t require a batter.

• If God is your co-pilot, you’re in the wrong seat. God is the invisible gust of wind beneath your sails.

• Holding a happy baby brings natural joy to the soul. Holding on to the idea that God loves you right now brings spiritual joy. Both are gifts from God.

• Science, boasting of its triumph over faith, is like the polar ice cap boasting about its dominance over the land, a boast as cold and loveless as hell itself.

• Jesus tells us to love, pray and teach. If you are kind, you teach by example. If you are not kind, you fail in all three areas.

• God is in love with you. Why are you weeping?

• Your greatest joy will come from fulfilling your purpose in life. The Holy Spirit leads us in directions we may not have chosen for ourselves. Be pliant.

• Faith enables you to accept the mystery of God’s love. Without faith, your natural understanding will leave you in the dark.

• Just because you feel weak and downcast doesn’t mean you really are. Feelings are not facts. Jesus has plenty of strength and joy to spare. Keep asking.

• The joy of making Jesus the center of your life begins when you accept his commandment to follow the golden rule. Become a doer, not merely a hearer.

• Thoughts come and go. Some are toxic. Protect your joyful spirit. Sift out needless worry.

• Suicidal thoughts can become habitual. Don’t believe the feeling that you can’t go on. Feelings are not facts. With God’s help, all things are possible.

• God has a job for you to do in this world that nobody else can do. Stay alive and be ready when the call comes.

• Love leads to service; service leads to sacrifice; and sacrifice leads to the cross.

• At times love and suffering are one and the same.

• Salvation is your highest goal. Mental health is the next highest. Accept Jesus as Lord, and love others even when it hurts. This will assure you of eternal life.[hr] Father Catoir, who grew up in Jackson Heights, is a retired priest of the Paterson Diocese and former director of The Christophers.

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