Sister Mary Janet Evrard, O.P.

Sister Janet

Sister Mary Janet Evrard, O.P., a member of the Sisters of St. Dominic, Amityville, L.I., for 62 years, died May 20.

Born and raised in Good Shepherd parish, Marine Park, she took the religious name, Sister James Martin, O.P.

She taught for 35 years in schools in Nassau, Brooklyn and Queens, including Presentation B.V.M., Jamaica, 1980-84. She also taught at St. Joseph’s School, Monticello.

After obtaining a master’s degree in social work, she worked for almost six years for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Later, she worked as a part-time counselor at St. Rose of Lima, Rockaway, and two other schools through the Program for the Development of Human Potential.

In 2001, she joined the staff of St. Rose of Lima School as a full-time guidance counselor. In 2013, she retired. For the next three years, she continued to assist at St. Rose with testing and writing certificates for trimester honors.

“What Sister Mary Janet did in one day at St. Rose is hard to measure,” said Theresa Andersen, principal. “Her job was timeless. She was there for everyone – the students, parents, and staff.

“She ran the Wiffle Ball Club and did after-school after a full day of work. She was our test coordinator and counseled, consoled and guided more students than I can count. She was there for the parents and the staff. She never said ‘no’ to anything asked.

“She was an avid supporter of our annual card party and performed in our Spring Shows with such spirit and enthusiasm, she would put the rest of us to shame.

“Her mark on our lives and the history of our school is indelible. We know that we have a ‘very spirited angel’ watching over us.”

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One thought on “Sister Mary Janet Evrard, O.P.

  1. There were so many of us at Presentation that poured out her feelings regarding sister Mary Janet. She was loved by all of us so deeply and left a lasting impression in our minds and hearts. You have done God’s work here sister and we are all so grateful.b