Sister Mary Antonia DeLucie, V.H.M.

Sister Mary Antonia
Sister Mary Antonia

Sister Mary Antonia DeLucie, V.H.M., a member of the Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary at Visitation Monastery, Bay Ridge, for over 60 years, died Nov. 28. She was 95.

Born in Brooklyn, she was baptized Maria Donata DeLucie, but was known as Diana. She attended Girls’ Commercial H.S., where she studied costume design. She worked as a seamstress and milliner in Manhattan, and became a specialist in creating contemporary fashion hats. She then worked as a copyist for Sally Victor, and later Lilly Dache, both celebrated Madison Avenue designers.

She entered the Visitation Cloister on July 9, 1955, was professed on March 24, 1957 and received the name Sister Mary Antonia. She was educated within the cloister and taught primary grades at Visitation Academy, 1957-72. She also served as procuratrix and bursar, 1964-67.

After Vatican II, she was able to study outside the cloister, and she received her bachelor’s degree in education from St. Joseph’s College, Clinton Hill, 1974, and earned her master’s degree in education from St. Joseph’s College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1980. She also studied theology at Manhattan College.

Sister Mary Antonia was the assistant principal and then principal of Visitation Academy, for over 16 years. She then transitioned to teaching religion to kindergarten and first graders, 1996-2016.

She served as superior of the Visitation Cloister, 1987-93, and for over 20 years, she was also the monastery’s infirmarian, responsible for the health care of the sisters until 2013.