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Sister Alice Moves Back To Parish Ministry

Sister Alice Michael, S.U.S.C.
Sister Alice Michael, S.U.S.C.

The Diocese said goodbye recently to Sister Alice Michael, S.U.S.C., who has coordinated the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.) program in Brooklyn and Queens in recent years.

To say that she was the R.C.I.A. coordinator would be just scratching the surface of her ministry in religious education. She was the first to volunteer with whatever project arose in faith formation.

Sister Alice, a member of the Faith Formation Office, spent 40 years in diocesan service, in addition to her many volunteer efforts in mostly Spanish-speaking parishes. She started her work with the diocesan Education Office as a coordinator of religious education for Spanish-speaking catechists. She then became religious education coordinator for programs in Brooklyn East. And most recently has spent most of her time with R.C.I.A., coordinating the post-Vatican II program that welcomes new Catholics into the Church at Easter time.

But “as part of the ongoing development of the Diocesan School of Evangelization and the Office of Faith Formation, it is necessary to re-imagine some of the staff positions from time to time,” said Theodore Musco, director of the Office of Faith Formation.

The position currently held by Sister Alice is being absorbed into another department and therefore will no longer exist.

“I will truly miss her wonderful spirit and tremendous insights that she shared on a daily basis, as well as her friendship and unwavering support,” said Musco.

“How can we ever thank Sister for her outstanding work and fine example of dedication to the people of God?”

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio celebrated a Mass of thanksgiving with Sister Alice and the staff on the Wednesday of Holy Week, her last official day in the office. Coffee and cake followed, even though Sister Alice wanted no fuss made in her honor.

She also will be recognized at the end of the semester when catechetical teachers are honored for their achievements.

So what’s next for Sister Alice? For the past two weeks, she has been helping conduct the diocesan Religion Bee, which will hold its diocesan finals in May. She says she has been so impressed by the knowledge of the elementary school children.

“It was hard to get them out,” she said about the final elimination round.

Now, at a time in her life when most people are thinking about how they will spend their retirement years, Sister Alice is pondering how she can best serve the Lord and His people, as she has done all these years.

So, she has signed up to be the coordinator for adult religious education at Blessed Sacrament parish in Cypress Hills.

Wherever she goes, she will bring the same great talent, spirit and energy that she has shown at the diocesan level for these past 40 years.

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One thought on “Sister Alice Moves Back To Parish Ministry

  1. Christians that have stayed true to their faith in life no matter the challenges and storms they’ve been through always should acknowledge their Creator for all their blessings. One can relate to SIster Alice! One does not have to be in any religious order but even on being a lay person, Sister Alice showed all of us a model of a Christian life. One, we should walk with God in all of our life. He comes first and the rest will follow. Second, at a point where you have surrendered all and the blessings had come, service to His ministry with humility is a great offering. In this way, we had lived a life……a truly Christian life! So as when the time He calls us to go home, our borrowed life may leave a footprint for our faith and our community.