Up Front and Personal

Sharing the Diocesan Eucharistic Revival

by Dr. Marina Brown

I believe in sharing. It’s customary for me to give an update of events I have attended and my experiences attending said events with my friends, my family, my children, fellow parishioners, and anyone who would listen. 

A good friend of mine, Ms. E, who is not a Catholic but is very receptive, and I spoke about several Broadway plays I recently saw as well as a performance at Lincoln Center. 

Then I shared my experience attending the Diocesan Eucharistic Revival and the pictures and videos I took during the revival. While discussing the event with Ms. E, I gave her one of the rosaries my parish gave out to all who attended the revival. I also shared with Ms. E how to pray the rosary, what each mystery was, and the related Bible Scriptures each represents. Ms. E now has a clear picture of why the rosary is recited. 

Attending the revival was truly a blessed experience for me. I am especially happy I am alive and was able to attend. The vast number of pilgrims in attendance, the camaraderie, the ambience, the multiethnic, multilingual, varied ages and genders of the participants were spectacular. 

The ambience and solemnity of the event reminded me of the World Youth Day I attended in Rome presided over by St. Pope John Paul II under the guidance of Bishop Daily and Father Martin Carter. The atmosphere then was holy and electric. Being a part of both experiences was a privilege. I wished I could bottle the indescribable sacredness and peace and happiness that spread over me at both events. 

On April 20, I entered the arena in the slight rain. I was a part of the long line to get into the arena, past the security checkpoints and ready to take my assigned seat, only to be told we could sit anywhere! This late decision was a blessing in disguise. The Sisters of Charity from my parish — St. Martin de Porres — and I, along with several fellow parishioners were seated in Section 15 which was in the middle of the action and a great viewing spot equivalent to orchestra seats! 

I was able to see and participate in all featured events, including attending confession. I was able to memorialize the events through pictures and videos that I subsequently shared. 

Credit must be given to all the organizers and participants for the massive, uplifting, and monumental task of putting this event together. May God continue to bless Bishop Robert Brennan and his vision for the Church. May God continue to shed his light on my pastor Father Alonzo Cox, all priests, deacons, sisters, and laypeople who are performing God’s work and evangelizing in the vineyard of the triune God.

Dr. Marina Brown is a parishioner of St. Martin de Porres Parish in Bedford-Stuyvesant.