Letters to the Editor

Shake Up the Comfortable

Dear Editor: Do not let your hearts be troubled, says the Lord, but these words can also be disturbing to our peace of mind. Listening to the Sunday readings (May 6), it was striking to hear that the Apostles and disciples were beginning to shed their crippling fear, as they began to transcend their comfort zone and bring Christ’s words to those beyond the confines of their Jewish community. They were fulfilling His commandment, Love Thy Neighbor, even if these people are strangers and Gentiles.

I am continuously perplexed by Christians, who read and hear Christ’s message, and yet objectify refugees and undocumented immigrants, ignore social injustice and turn a blind eye to racial bigotry. All God’s people deserve dignity, respect and love.

Too many of our pastors and priests do not want to alienate or upset their congregants, so they deliver safe and uninspiring homilies. It may be time for them to afflict the comfortable, so that we Christians will comfort the afflicted.

If they don’t step up, we can always follow Mother Teresa’s advice: “Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.”

Mary Geraghty

Windsor Terrace

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