Letters to the Editor

Send Message on Abortion

Dear Editor: I agree with your guest columnist, John Garvey (“Using Technology to Humanize Unborn Life,” Aug. 27), about using technology to humanize the unborn child as a deterrent to abortions. This should be done via PSAs as the ones done on smoking have effectively stopped people from using cigarettes.

Send a message to the public that there is a life in the womb and show what abortion does. Using a sonogram to show the living body of this baby should raise awareness of the impact of abortion and what it does to the fetus.


One thought on “Send Message on Abortion

  1. I agree with Diana from Brooklyn One picture of an abortion or of an aborted child is worth a thousand words written or spoken. Plenty of Catholics say they are pro-life but vote for pro abortion candidates. What’s more plenty of our so called Catholic politicians’ will not impose their values as if murder of a child within the womb is a Catholic thing???