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Seminary Schola Opens Advent With Sacred Music Concerts

St. Joseph’s Seminary Schola made a pilgrimage to France with proceeds from last year’s Advent and Christmas concerts. Above, the Schola at Notre Dame Cathedral. (Photo: St. Joseph Seminary)

This year’s Schola Advent and Christmas concerts will raise funds for the cultural and spiritual enrichment programs for seminarians at St. Joseph Seminary in Yonkers throughout the year.

Last year’s successful concert raised funds for the Schola Cantorum to go on pilgrimage to France to sing and visit iconic religious sites such as Notre Dame and the church in which Father Jacques Hamel was martyred in July, 2016. They celebrated Mass and sang for the parishioners of several Catholic churches throughout France.

Seminarians also went on a Fatima and El Camino Pilgrimage, walking 200 kilometers from Ponferrada to Santiago, Spain. Both pilgrimages were open to the public who are invited to join seminarians and faculty on their pilgrimages. In addition to the pilgrimages, the rector takes the seminarians in their third year of studies to the Holy Land during the Christmas break.

It is important that seminarians are given the opportunity go on pilgrimages and participate in cultural and spiritual programs to broaden their knowledge outside of the classroom, share their Catholic faith with others and further their priestly formation as they continue to grow in faith.

The communities of the Diocese of Brooklyn and the neighboring dioceses are invited to enjoy the songs of the Advent and Christmas seasons at one of the Schola’s concerts – either at the seminary in Yonkers, or at the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist in Stamford, Conn. Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of the Bridgeport Diocese, will be attending the concert in Stamford.

View the concert listing at right and visit www.dunwoodiemusic.org for more information. The seminary community appreciates the support of the faithful and hopes to see many friends and neighbors attend one of the upcoming concerts.


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