Up Front and Personal

Scouting & My Eagle Scout Project

By James Silverio 

Over the course of a decade being a Scout, I’ve met many people, earned close to 40 merit badges, and accumulated hundreds of hours of community service. 

“Service” is especially important to what my troop’s identity is built upon. Troop 23 and Scouting BSA as a whole are committed to serving the community, so that their actions today can help to make a better tomorrow. 

The Scout Law states that a Scout is, among other things, loyal, helpful, and reverent. These principles become part of a Scout’s life, as they are taught how to be impactful and respectful members of society, striving to be leaders for positive change. 

In fact, service is so integral to scouting that in order to achieve its highest rank of Eagle, a Scout has to create, plan, lead, and execute a major community service project. Such a grand achievement has been attempted by thousands, but earned by few. I aspire to have my name be alongside those Eagle Scouts who came before me to show how far I’ve come in life while challenging myself to the fullest. 

As such, I invite everyone reading this to participate in my upcoming Eagle Scout Project. On Sunday, Dec. 18, I will be hosting a blood drive in partnership with the New York Blood Center in the gym at Our Lady of Angels in Bay Ridge. 

The city of New York and America as a whole are in a serious blood shortage, and this project is an effort to get blood to those who need it most. 

The New York Blood Center is the leading supplier of blood to the Veterans Administration hospitals in the metropolitan area. My family has a rich history of men and women who have served in our armed forces. 

Therefore, it was important to me to host the blood drive in proximity to Pearl Harbor Day. The project’s title, Operation: Give to Those who Gave, is a call to give blood to those who have given their all on the front lines. 

When I turn 18 this coming March, my journey as a Scout will come to a close. Scouting will always have a special meaning for me. It has shaped me into the young man I am today. I have experienced many new adventures and made memories that will stick with me forever. 

But the nearest and dearest thing I can take from scouting is the genuine and important friendships I have built along the way. In return, I hope that my Eagle Scout project will have the same long-lasting effects on my community that being a Scout has had on my life. 

James Silverio, 17, is a Scout in Troop 23-Brooklyn.