Back to School 2017

Saint Saviour Academy: A Balanced Curriculum to Nurture Each Child

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy in Park Slope prepares students from nursery to grade eight for higher education. Children from all walks of life are educated in a nurturing and supportive Catholic environment.

Beginning in the early childhood program, teachers create an exciting, developmentally appropriate curriculum encouraging children to explore their world through hands-on activities. Elementary grades offer a balanced curriculum of rigorous academics and a vibrant arts/music program paired with the spiritual teachings of Catholicism. Technology, including SMART Boards, computers and tablets are integrated throughout the elementary grades along with a 1:1 Google Chromebook program in the middle school.

The academy believes that education encompasses the academic, social and spiritual needs of the learner and tries its best to differentiate instruction to support various learning styles and needs. In addition, student success is often dependent upon how children feel socially within a classroom. If they feel safe and comfortable in their classroom community, they will be willing to take risks and share ideas with one another. To this end, the academy has implemented the Responsive Classroom Approach, which centers on positive language to maximize learning and consistency among classrooms.

The academy is located in the heart of Park Slope, an area known for historic buildings and architecture, diversity, cultural attractions, proximity to Prospect Park and convenient access to public transportation, which the academy uses to enrich the curriculum. Second graders attend swim lessons at the Prospect Park YMCA. Sixth through eighth graders enjoy physical education enrichment at the Park Slope Armory YMCA. Students have also participated in programs such as the Shakespeare Residency at The Brooklyn Academy of Music and Brooklyn Connections at The Brooklyn Public Library.

Together with parents and guardians, the dedicated and experienced faculty helps each child develop a positive self-image in order to reach his or her highest potential. Each year, graduates receive thousands of dollars in scholarships and place into top public, private and Catholic high schools.