Back to School 2016

Sacred Heart in Bayside

Teaching as Jesus Did for Over 90 Years

In 1924, the Sisters of Mercy were given the responsibility to educate the young people of Sacred Heart parish in Bayside. This September, Sacred Heart Catholic Academy will open with the same responsibility entrusted to the Sisters of Mercy over 90 years ago – to educate the young people who stand in front of us.

Sacred Heart’s mission statement is to “teach as Jesus did,” and the academy seeks to provide a full curriculum in response to students’ intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, physical and social needs.

The academy offers religious and academic instruction for students in nursery through grade eight as well as physical education, music and a band program with violin for first through eighth grades.

Sacred Heart Catholic Academy also features an art room, a computer lab with iPads and Chromebooks, a science lab, a fully automated library with a part-time librarian as well as many afterschool clubs and activities, such as Mad Science and Chess Nuts.

The academy is centered upon Christ, and the knowledge and practice of faith are intertwined with outstanding academics each and every day. Graduates emerge clear in the teachings of the Church and are encouraged to actively participate in parish life.

Sacred Heart’s graduates are very successful: 100 percent of the Class of 2016 was accepted to the Catholic high school of their choice, and select students were also accepted to Regis High School, Townsend Harris High School, Bronx High School of Science and LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts. In all, the Class of 2016 earned academic scholarships valued at over $1 million.

As lifelong learners, most of Sacred Heart’s teachers hold advanced degrees. Extraordinary teachers provide extraordinary education and prepare students for the next level of success.

Sacred Heart is a school rich in tradition – a tradition of faith-centered education, a tradition of value-centered education and a tradition of academic excellence in education. The academy honors its past as it looks forward to the future.