Letters to the Editor

Recognizing God’s Plan

Dear Editor: I spend a part of each day walking in my neighborhood with my companion dog Matlock. I say hello to everyone, and many times I strike up a conversation with the people I meet.

Sometimes I meet people who are seriously ill and may be terminal. They ask me, “Why does God keep me alive?” At first, I was caught off guard. What can I say to a person who is or will be facing pain, suffering and possibly death?

At first, I say Jesus knew the suffering He would face yet accepted it as the Father’s Will. The answer is in the final words, namely, the Father’s Will. “Thy Will be done” is something we say easily, but do we think “my will be done?”

As I have matured, 71 and not old, I have realized God has a plan for each of us. I wish He would speak a little louder since my hearing is not as good as it used to be. I always think of the Letter of St. James, Chapter 5, verses 19-20. By our Baptism, we are called to help others to get to Heaven and in doing so will get some stars in our Book of Life.

So my answer now is “Each of us is called while alive to help others. Even though you may be old, sick or near the end of your life, God still has something on His list for you to do. It may be your example, a few words spoken to another or a kind gesture to a needy soul. You may not even recognize it, but God does. He will call you when He is ready!”


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