Letters to the Editor

Reasons for the Season

Dear Editor: Christmas cards should depict the birth of Christ. They should celebrate Christmas and say so, not “Happy Holidays,” or “Santa’s Coming,” etc.

Also remember to request religious Christmas stamps at the Post Office and use them. If we don’t buy religious cards and postage stamps, don’t be surprised when they are no longer being sold.

Our churches should remind people of this.

Bernice Chorzepa
Middle Village

Dear Editor: I think we can reasonably assume that K-Mart, a division of Sears, profits from Christmas sales, so it’s disconcerting to hear their TV ads which advertise Holiday Pine Trees.

 If their resistance to naming Christmas irks you, you can call the corporate office during regular visiting hours: 1-800 549 4505.

Sister Camille D’Arienzo, R.S.M.


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