Letters to the Editor

Reactions to the Tonys

Dear Editor: Tolerance?? Inclusion??? Civility??? I do not expect that from Hollywood celebrities and never did. Sadly, I no longer expect it from our government. We are being led by those who tell more lies than truth and twitter quotes which often must be censored. I also have the right to shut off my television and stay out of the theaters. Unfortunately, I cannot escape from how disgraceful we are as a nation.


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Dear Editor: DeNiro only said what is true about this horrible president. Don’t you see all the harm that man is causing, lies after lies and ripping families apart who cross the border. The Church must speak out more about ending this horrid administration.


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Dear Editor: I stopped watching shows of mental midgets giving other mental midgets awards a long time ago. Just like the prima donnas in the NFL, they will learn that the marketplace wants them just to do their jobs. If they don’t like what’s going on they should leave their current jobs and run for office. Not as well-paid, but hey they care, right? People want to be entertained by these foulmouthed jerks not scolded.


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Dear Editor: No bigger hypocrites exist than these blind better-than-thou extremists pushing their “morals” on those who seem easily swayed and taken in with celebrity and bright lights. Say no to anger and hostility, which are two of stardom’s qualities. Bad people popularizing hate are not good role models to anyone anywhere.


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