Up Front and Personal

Rappin’ About Jesus

by Veronica Szczygiel

During my first year at Marymount School of New York, I taught a New Testament class to the seventh graders. One of my favorite projects was having students write a rap about Jesus. I decided to partake in the project as well. Here is mine:


When Jesus was born in Bethlehem

He was visited by shepherds and the three wise men

They brought Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh

‘Cause they knew He would be their savior

The Magi went home without seeing Herod

In order to make sure that Jesus would be spared

‘Cause Herod, he had an evil mind, you know

He killed all the kids who were under two years old

So Joseph escaped to Egypt, you see

‘Til it was safe to return to Galilee.

Jesus grew up being Mary’s little joy

Studying the Torah like a good Jewish boy

He was a carpenter with Dad, but that wasn’t His dream

He was a man with a vision, a vision of peace.

When He was 30, He was baptized by John

And picked His apostles, Peter, James, and Tom

They travelled the land, making miracles and praying

Curing illnesses and Lazarus, keeping people from straying.

Jesus turned water to wine, He turned fish into fishes

He walked on water, and He did what God wishes.

For three years on Earth He did all kinds of preaching

Telling stories, helping people, and most of all, teaching.

But He knew that one day would be His last

So He went into the desert where He would fast

And the devil met Him there, tried to tempt Him thrice

But Jesus said, “Stop, man, that’s not so nice!”

Then Jesus returned to Jerusalem

Where He had a last supper with all of His friends

He performed the miracle of transubstantiation

Which now occurs in every Mass in every nation

All was going well, or so they had planned

But Judas, well, he was a sinister man

He betrayed Jesus for 30 silver dollars

Kissed Him on the cheek, saying, “This is Him, holla!”

So they took Jesus away, and put Him on trial

He was innocent, but they were all in denial

Jesus suffered as He hung on the cross, you see

And He screamed, “My God, why’d you abandon me?”

But three days later, much to everyone’s surprise,

Out from the dead Jesus did rise.

He says, “Shalom! Peace! You better believe it”

We say, “Shalom! Peace! And with your spirit!”

This is the end of the rap, but not the end of the story

Jesus will return in all His love and His glory

Until then, God watches us from above

But His kingdom of heaven lives wherever there is love.