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Ragamuffins on Parade

* Holy Angels, Noone
* kids hand in hand
* Mexican girl
* Miss New York in car
* moms and kids
* Noone and kids
* Noone, Aalbue and Santa
* Ragamufin banner
* SAnta on float
* Santa, Miss NY snd kids
* st anselm
* st patrick
* Super Mario
* Xaverian pipers
* Aalbue family
* Clavins, Noone and Psm

When Father James McKenna of Our Lady of Angels parish, Bay Ridge, began the Ragamuffin Parade in 1966, as an alternative to door-to-door Trick or Treatin’, little could he have imagined what it would turn into 51 years later. More than 5,000 youngsters and their parents from Bay Ridge schools got some early use of their Halloween costumes as they marched along Third Ave. on Saturday, Oct. 14.  Msgr. Kevin Noone, pastor of Our Lady of Angels, was the Grand Marshal, and Ray Aalbue was the Man of the Year.