Back to School 2017

Queen of All Saints Academy: Building Knowledge, Inspiring Faith

Queen of All Saints Catholic Academy is a hidden gem in Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill. The school is unique in every way. First, it is a school that was built around the church, subdividing the school into two columns with connecting floors on the third, fourth, fifth and the top floor, the gym.

To understand the beauty of the church, one only needs to visit and see the marvelous Gothic architecture. The building is recognizable by the statues of saints that surround the outside of the school and church.

Differentiated Learning

The school provides an outstanding educational curriculum serving students in kindergarten through grade eight. It provides for the complete development of every student in all aspects: moral, social, physical, spiritual and intellectual. Every student’s educational needs are recognized through differentiated learning and bringing STEM to the forefront.

Due to location and being in the same vicinity of St. Joseph’s College and Bishop Loughlin M.H.S., partnerships have been made to produce even more opportunities for students to take advanced courses in math and music. Additional opportunities for advanced classes in art and science are in the works. St. Joseph’s College connects with the academy by supplying staff members with educational enrichment.

The school hosts various extracurricular activities for students. For example, those activities include, but are not limit- ed to, educational trips that are connected to topics covered in class, STEM Lego Engineering, piano, yoga and basketball.

For the coming semester, the academy will continue to enrich students with more opportunities by bringing Turner Construction to the school.

Lastly, the staff and faculty serve the community and are willing to work with parents in every possible way.

There is still time to register for the 2017-2018 school year. To learn more, call 718-857-3114.