Letters to the Editor

Pro-Abortion and Pro-Infanticide Candidates

Dear Editor: This article is disgraceful (“Catholic Iowa Democrats Weigh Choices,” Jan. 25). Your front page really shows why the Catholic Church in this country is on a decline — the church can’t even support a president that is fighting for them every day!

Instead the nuns mentioned in your article support pro-abortion and pro-infanticide candidates! Oh, but they can’t decide on which candidate is best even after several debates and non-stop campaigning in Iowa. If anything goes against their faith, shouldn’t abortion and infanticide be on the top? No, they choose climate change and unions. The school union has systematically destroyed Catholic schools and charter schools in this nation.

Iowa has proved to be a total disgrace (who actually won the caucus?). After reading your article and who you interviewed, I understand why!

Laurann Webb 


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