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Priests’ Patron Statue Blessed To Mark Year for Vocations

chidlren by statue
flowers for mary
Tosi blesses statue

“Called by Name” was the theme of the day at St. Luke’s, Whitestone. Students were asked to listen and consider their future lives in the Church.

During the current Year of Vocations, priests, religious and a deacon have spoken about vocations to children in the school and parish. The school had a traveling statue of St. John Vianney visit each classroom.

The school came together on Friday, May 25, for a May Crowning and blessing of a new outdoor statue of St. John Vianney, patron of priests, in the garden which overlooks the school.

The First Communion and Confirmation classes attended in their sacramental dresses, suits and gowns to continue the steps of faith taken this past school year.

Each student made custom cards with his or her name on it and they were presented to Msgr. John Tosi, pastor, so that they can continue to prepare to hear the call of God.

Priest Alumni

“We have four priests in the diocese that were once students here at St. Luke’s and I see many faces here today that I believe will one day serve God,” said Msgr. Tosi.

“Even if they don’t, they will all make excellent members of the Church, parents, and help lead the next generation.

“Being able to bless both statues of Mary and St. John Vianney is a tremendous day here. The students have been preparing with the theme ‘Called by Name’ and it has been a powerful message for them, but also for the Year of Vocations.”

Brianna Tolan, an altar server at the Mass, was excited to be part of the celebration. “Being able to be part of this Mass is very special,” she said.

“We have been preparing for the blessing of Mary and St. John Vianney and to have it finally here shows our work paid off. Seeing the whole school together for the blessing was amazing to see.”

Angela Pignataro, the physical education teacher, also was happy to see the students’ work finally be put on display.

“I have been helping the students prepare and even though some were nervous they were all very excited for their parts in the Mass,” she explained.

“Their work truly has paid off and today everything went perfectly. The students have been able to learn a lot this year and through the theme I think many of them are starting to see that there is a life to be had in the Church.”