Letters to the Editor

Presence of a Brooklyn Nun

Dear Editor: I was delighted to read the article about Sister Anne Credidio (“Brooklyn Nun Reaches to Society’s Untouchables,” Oct. 17) and the work she is doing in Ecuador among the lepers. All who know her are touched by her goodness and generosity of spirit.

What the article could not convey was the hope, courage and support she provides to these patients when she is in their presence. No matter what is going on around her or what is troubling her, when she looks into the eyes of each patient (whom she always addresses by name) she makes each one feel as if he or she is the only person in the world. That smile means so much to them. Privately, she will speak of the heroic measures she takes without their knowledge to make their stay the best it can be.

You can see as you read the article that Tony Rossi was as captivated by this Brooklyn girl as we all are who have the privilege of knowing her.

Only one thing was missing from the article, the web address for those who want to find out more or contribute to this wonderful endeavor. So here it is: www.thedamienhouse.org.