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PP Doesn’t Deserve Funding

Dear Editor: For several months, there has been much discussion regarding Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling fetal tissue from aborted fetuses that came to light as a result of undercover videos.

Currently, Congress is debating a bill which would defund Planned Parenthood. I urge all my fellow Catholics to contact their Congressman / woman and tell them to support this resolution.

However, my request goes further than this simple request. For years, we have been fed the big lie from the Liberal Democrats that they want to keep abortion “safe, legal and rare.” Yet our government does not offer any support to clinics that try to help woman facing this “choice.” Most of these facilities exist on a shoestring budget and rely on donations to survive. In fact, our City Council a few years ago tried to shut down facilities that aided pregnant women who are facing financial hard times.

I urge my fellow Catholics to tell their representative that these facilities will help keep abortion “rare” and that they deserve funding, not Planned Parenthood.



Editor’s Note: The U.S. House of Representatives voted 240-181 to de-fund Planned Parenthood with Republicans voting 239-3 for the bill and Democrats voting 1-178 against it.The Senate likewise voted to defund the organization. President Obama vetoed the bill. The only member of Congress from Brooklyn and Queens to vote in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood was Dan Donovan, who represents a small portion of Brooklyn and all of Staten Island.

One thought on “PP Doesn’t Deserve Funding

  1. It really is sad that the officials of NYC spend more time worrying about damaging sidewalk trees than they do to about the safety of unborn human beings. It is unfortunate that liberals were successful in labeling abortion as a “women’s health issue” even though there is nothing “healthy” about it.