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Politics and Abortion

Dear Editor: Catholics who vote for pro abortion candidates are violating Catholic teachings (“Post-Midterms, Do We Have Two Catholic Churches in America?,’’ The Tablet, Nov. 10). Voting for a pro-abortion candidate is unacceptable and any Catholic who does it, should be excommunicated.

Unfortunately many people feel the support of a political party is more important that Catholic teachings. A Catholic cannot use their conscience as an excuse to violate Catholic teachings.

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Dear Editor: I am Catholic, daily Mass attendee, try to pray the Holy Rosary at least four times a week, go to Confession regularly and try to pray before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration regularly.

I was grateful to hear that President Trump undid the Health and Human Services Mandate established by the Obama administration forcing organizations to violate their consciences by paying for morally objectionable services in their healthcare plans.

As a faithful Catholic, I am grateful to the Trump administration for this. We have to stop wanting to be on the right side of history (which all too often ignores God’s commands, decrees and laws) – preferring to be on God’s right side, doing His will, even at the cost of persecution and death. And I do believe we are at this point in America!

May God continue to give us the strength and fortitude to be witnesses of the truth of the Gospel!

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4 thoughts on “Politics and Abortion

  1. Dear Mr. Byrnes,
    A citizen who votes for a politician who seeks to oppress the poor for political or economic gain is violating Catholic teachings.
    A citizen who votes for a politician who seeks to cut environmental regulations, that are in place to protect the general health and welfare of all human beings , for political gain, is In violation of Catholic teachings.
    A citizen who votes for a politician who does not believe that every human being, born or unborn, is a gift from God to the world, and therefore worthy of equal love and respect is violating Catholic teaching.

    1. Dear Stephen Trani.
      I disagree with your premise. I believe there is a big difference between killing a living human being through abortion and not supporting certain policies which some believe are appropriate to assisting the poor and the environment
      First I would argue that it is nonsense to suggest that people who do not vote they way you suggest do not help the poor. I my view, conservatives are much more generous with helping the poor voluntarily than liberals. I believe that liberals want to force others to assist those they consider are poor in whatever way they determine is beneficial to others. The Church teaches that other than a direct attack on life (deliberately killed by abortion) there are many ways to assist the poor (prudential judgement) and help the environment. It is not church teaching that you have to vote and support any policies.
      Cutting environmental regulations is not a violation of the Church’s teachings. Neither is your judgement on how best to help the poor.

      1. Veronica,
        I respectfully urge you to read about Catholic Social Teaching for guidance on the Church’s attitude toward the poor. There is a section there called a Preferential Option for the Poor.
        The residents of Ireland during the 1800’s may disagree with you about that unless there is a direct assault every thing is short of Immoral. During the potato famine the English did aid and assist with the death of many IIrish citizens. Those deaths and what the English did were deeply immoral. I can assure you that they would not have seen the difference between direct and indirect assault- both resulted in the intended purpose- death.
        I would also strongly urge you to read Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment
        In addition, please tell me any proof you have that conservatives do more to help the poor than liberals. Perhaps I need to adjust my attitude.

  2. Tom Byrnes should realize that the millions of faithful Catholics across this great nation will only vote for the party that truly represents the real values of both the Church and Christ. Putting the needs of the poor and working class over the needs of the ultra wealthy. Providing healthcare access to all from birth to death, caring for a delicate environment, establishing a responsible immigration policy that respects human dignity and keeps families united. Respecting people from all religious, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Many of us (including many leaders in the Catholic Church) will never support a party which by its silence, condones a leader who regularly demonizes and bullies people who he has decided he doesn’t like. I guarantee you Mr. Byrnes that we as faithful Catholics who vote “their conscience” have no intention of leaving the religion that instilled those values in the first place.