Diocesan News

Polish Ministry Instructs Catechetical Leaders


The first annual meeting of Polish catechetical leaders with Auxiliary Bishop Witold Mroziewski took place April 12 at the Diocesan Office Building at 310 Prospect Park West. Fifty people attended, representing the Polish-English parishes in Brooklyn and Queens.

Theodore Musco, executive director of the School of Evangelization, and Christopher Gospodarzec, Polish liaison to the School of Evangelization, organized the meeting. Bishop Mroziewski celebrated Mass during which he emphasized the importance of being good witnesses of faith, and bringing one’s talents to apostolic ministry.

After Mass, participants had dinner and a conference with Bishop Mroziewski, who spoke about catechetical formation and the nature of catechesis. He also reminded all that religious education involves faith, morality, sacraments, building community and an introduction to mission. Finally, he spoke about the New Evangelization and openness to those who are religiously indifferent, those who were in the Church and those who walk away.