Letters to the Editor

Polarization of Politics

Dear Editor: Reading recent letters to The Tablet, I noted the tendency to separate Catholics into two political categories, conservative or liberal. I suggest that this division is not appropriate since many Catholics simultaneously share both conservative and liberal ideas.

As an example, I am a conservative because I want to preserve and protect what is good from the past.

I am a liberal because I want the federal government to promote the general welfare of citizens as stated in the Constitution’s preamble.

More importantly, I am an ordinary American Catholic and as such neither label by itself adequately represents my views.

Peace to all Tablet readers during this Easter season and let us pray that political polarization does not harm the Body of Christ.



One thought on “Polarization of Politics

  1. Since when do liberals support the welfare of the people by persecuting the economic private sector? If you read the whole Constitution you would know it prohibits the federal government to be involved in social policy of any sort.