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Planned Parenthood Exposed

Dear Editor: What Planned Parenthood has been doing for years undetected by the major media has just been exposed by a small pro-life media sting operation.

More insidious is the anti-life Planned Parenthood curriculum taught to Catholic students in our public schools, a continuing violation of the separation of church and state.




Dear Editor: The title “Planned Parenthood” (PP) qualifies as one of the most deceptive euphemisms of all times. “Parenthood” is certainly not what PP is all about. We’ve alerted the public, time and time again, to the insidious agenda and objectionable activities of PP. This world-class purveyor of abortion, besides killing millions of pre-born babies, causes psychological (and sometimes physical) damage to numerous women. It has also undermined parental authority and done moral damage to many young adults, with their “educational” programs.

Under the guise of treating women’s health issues, PP receives $1.5 million daily from the federal government – state and federal funds for over $4 billion over the past four years.

Legally, federal funds can’t go directly for abortion services. But monies received by PP are fungible, so your tax dollars at work will indirectly fund PP’s abortion services.

But now, PP’s dirty little secret is out. The recently shown and publicized undercover video showing PP doctors revealing the manipulation of abortion methods to obtain more saleable, intact baby body parts, is shocking and revolting. Mentioning being motivated by the desire for a luxury car was beneath contempt.

Let Congress know that you want all federal funding for PP to be halted permanently and quickly. Spread the word to state reps also.


Staten Island

2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Exposed

  1. If people only knew the truth and the history of Planned Parenthood they would be outraged. PP was founded by Margaret Sanger who was a racist and believed that blacks should not be allowed to reproduce. She wanted the clergy in the black neighborhoods to spread the word / concept overtly. I heard Ben Carson talking about Margaret Sanger on Fox last night and going over the history, unfortunately blacks who want to defund PP are called racist names.