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Pittsburgh Drops Fees for Annulments

PITTSBURGH (CNS) – The Diocese of Pittsburgh has eliminated all fees for those seeking an annulment in the diocese. The decision, announced April 1, took immediate effect.

“I know that the fee has stood in the way for many who are in need of an annulment,” said a letter from Bishop David A. Zubik of Pittsburgh to Catholics in his diocese.

Typically, those seeking annulments have paid up to $650 to the diocese, which covered about one-third of the costs, according to Father Thomas Kunz, a canon lawyer and the Pittsburgh diocesan tribunal’s judicial vicar – analogous to a chief judge in civil law.

Some applicants have paid less in circumstances where they did not have to go through as many steps in annulment process, said Father Kunz, who also is the spiritual director for the diocese’s college seminary and diocesan episcopal vicar for canonical services.