Letters to the Editor

Overturning a Law

Dear Editor: In reply to Garrett Dempsey’s letter (Aug. 13), the only way any party can stop Roe v. Wade is to make a new law where babies are called human beings which they are. Many states that have Republican governors have passed laws which many of our present leaders keep trying to block.

No single entity – not the president, Senate, House of Representatives, state governors, nor anyone else – has the power to overturn a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Supreme Court decisions cannot be nullified by other parts of government. However, if the Supreme Court strikes down a federal law, Congress can always modify the law until it is such that the Supreme Court does not consider it to violate the Constitution, then pass it again.

That is why it is very important who the new appointees will be to the Supreme Court. Can everyone reading this imagine if people had stopped fighting during World War II when Hitler wanted to kill all Jews, priests, gypsies and disabled people, where we would be?

The main goals of the Democrats seem to be killing babies, disabled, seniors, and pushing assisted suicide. They also are pushing no gender so that in 20 years they can say those who believed in the Bible were wrong because how could a God make male and female when males and females do not even exist. Many Republicans also always respected our veterans whereas today we cannot even give them a Christmas or Hanukkah card when bringing gifts to a VA Hospital.

There is also a big difference between Freedom of Religion where one can still have a Menorah or Nativity outside their homes, say a rosary or read a book on a train, as opposed to whereas with Freedom of Worship we can only practice our religion in the buildings where we worship as is done in North Korea and China.

People should be checking out all the differences, not listening to just the media, do some research on their own and see which party has always been for all human beings. The people who gave the runaway slaves the most trouble became the Democratic Party. Today, it is again the Democratic Party that is giving the most trouble to Pro-Life people so they have not changed their views on helping the poorest of the poor.

Instead of teaching them to fish so they can feed themselves, they want them to rely on the government to take care of all of their needs. They should be demanding that people are fingerprinted to receive welfare, to vote and other benefits so they can eliminate any fraud wherein one person can collect and/or vote under three different names. If we have to be fingerprinted to work or serve on grand jury, then we should be fingerprinted to vote and receive help and fingerprinting everyone would eliminate any kind of fraud.