Back to School 2017

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy: More Than an Education, It’s a Family for Life

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Academy (OLLCA) opened its doors in September, 2013. It was formerly known as Our Lady of Lourdes School, which had been educating students in Queens Village since 1932.

The academy is committed to providing a safe, respectful and nurturing academic environment where students of diverse cultures can mature spiritually and intellectually through Christ’s teachings of faith, peace, communion and community, preparing them to become successful, productive and responsible members of society.

The academic program at OLLCA follows New York State Common Core Standards. Christ-centered learning is an integral part of each child’s education. A student’s week consists of religion, ELA, math, science, social studies, music, art, library and physical education. Children in grades three through eight also receive Spanish instruction. Technology is incorporated into each subject’s instruction through the use of computers, SMART Boards and/or iPads. Children who struggle academically and qualify are supported by SETTS teachers and Title I Services.

The Early Childhood Program is a full, five-day-a-week program for children ages three (PreK 3), four (PreK 4) and five (kindergarten). NYC’s Pre-K for All program is also available. Children have a structured learning environment that embraces Catholic values through socialization, exploration and differentiated activities.

This coming school year, the academy will participate in the Performing Arts School Residency Program, where students are taught film making in fourth grade, play writing and producing in sixth grade and a Shakespeare study and performance in the eighth grade.

Student activities available include student council, book club and Aquinas club. There are also many extra-curricular clubs after school, including soccer club, sports fun club, paint club, LEGO club, theatre arts club, children’s choir and band.

The Class of 2017 received over $236,000 in scholarships to Catholic high schools. OLLCA also offers an affordable extended day program before and after school and a daily hot lunch program. More than just an excellent education, OLLCA offers a family for life.