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Only In Print: Polish Americans Pay Faithful Tribute to Heritage and a Hero

Numerous youth from Polish parishes throughout the Diocese of Brooklyn carried flags and banners during the Polish Heritage Mass in the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph on Oct. 17. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio praised the youth who stood at attention with their colors throughout the Mass. (Photo: Bill Miller)

PROSPECT HEIGHTS — Bishop Mroziewski, a native of Poland, helped organize the annual Polish Heritage Mass. He had attended Cardinal Wyszyński’s beatification Mass Sept. 12 at Warsaw’s Church of Divine Providence. Bishop Zglejszewski, also born in Poland, said the invitation to celebrate the Mass was a great honor; he is a life-long admirer of Blessed Cardinal Wyszyński.

But, he noted, the Polish Heritage Mass was also special because it is the last one attended by Bishop DiMarzio as leader of the Diocese of Brooklyn…

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