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Only in Print: 17th-Century Nun Championed Women’s Rights, Love of God in Colonial Mexico

HILLCREST — “You foolish men,” begins a poem by one of Mexico’s most renowned writers. With the reader’s attention firmly in her grip, she chastises men who: 

“lay the guilt on women, 

not seeing you’re the cause 

of the very thing you blame; 

if you invite their disdain 

with measureless desire 

why wish they will behave 

if you incite to ill. 

You fight their stubbornness, 

then, weightily, 

you say it was their lightness 

when it was your guile.” 

— From “Foolish Men” by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 

The poem continues in many verses. In them, the writer’s tone echoes modern-day feminism, yet she penned…

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