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Office of Faith Formation 2016 Honorees

The diocese honored more than 270 ministers for their service and dedication in churches and schools around Brooklyn and Queens during a Recognition and Commissioning Mass and Ceremony on May 19. Altogether, the group represented more than 2,475 years of service to the Church. The awards included major anniversaries, retirements, and the achievement of milestones in their formation including the Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative, Living and Leading by Faith, and a master’s scholarship program. (To see photos and more details from the ceremony, go to 65 New Lay Leaders Are Ready to Serve)

Here are the names of the honorees:

Blessed Trinity Parish
Eileen Deering                                 15 years
Theresa Flanigan                            20 years
Betsy Heinlein                                 30 years

Christ the King Parish
Doreen Amritt                                 5 years
Celeste Bright                                  35 years
Celeste Bright                                  Enrichment
Mary Doyle                                      Retiring

Divine Mercy Parish
Diane Rodriguez                             5 years

Good Shepherd Parish
Elvira Anselmo                                40 years
Elvira Anselmo                                Retiring
Carolyn Courtien                             Initial
Katherine Dwyer                             10 years
Dolores Marten                               5 years
Teresa Mason                                  30 years
Richard Melendi                             5 years
Margaret Montaperto                    45 years
Mildred Morganstern                    45 years
Joan Marie Sapienza                     15 years
Marie Smith                                    10 years
Kristen Strehle                                5 years

Henryk Sienkiewicz Polish Supplementary School
Anna Rychlik                                    Initial
Ewa Wrutniak                                  Initial

Holy Cross Parish, Queens
Malgorzata Drausik                       5 years

Holy Trinity Parish
Thomas Lynch                                  CYMI

Immaculate Conception Parish, Astoria
Veronica Aguiluz                            5 years
Daniela Calabro                              5 years
Maureen DeMarco                         10 years
Icsa Donnor                                    5 years
Michelle Harmantzis                    5 years
Christine Kokonis                          5 years
Michelle Kokonis                           5 years
Beatriz Martinez                            5 years
Guadalupe Mora                            5 years
Jhenny Palacios                             5 years

Immaculate Conception School, Astoria
Julia Frank                                     15 years

Jan Twardowski Polish Supplementary School
Malgorzata Kaminska                   Initial
Malgorzata Pulawska                    Initial

Mary Queen of Heaven Parish
Jeanne Finnegan John                  10 years
Yvonne Gabb                                   5 years
Liz Harkin                                        5 years
Kathy Lauria                                   10 years
Joan Rodriguez                              5 years
Margaret Tropeano                       5 years
Martina Williams                          5 years

Our Lady of Angels Parish
Mary Lou Atkinson                       5 years
Ann Mahoney                                15 years
Ann O’Brien years                        40 years
Katherine Samuel                         5 years

Our Lady of Fatima School
Linda Attard                                 20 years
Florence Molloy                           35 years
Marta Pope                                   35 years

Our Lady of Light Parish
Joan Brown-Claxton                  5 years
Maxine Dinnall                           5 years
Christine Enobakhare               15 years
Francesca Ettienne                    5 years
Veta Griffith                                5 years
Fran Hicks                                  30 years
Lynda Jones-Johnson              5 years
Margaret Joseph                       10 years
Viola Knight                               Initial
Marcia Mahon                           15 years
Julie McKenzie                          5 years
Rita Miro                                    10 years
Tracey Smith                             15 years
Beverly Stanton                        10 years
Marilyn Town-Jones               15 years

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Cristina Caronna                     10 years
Amanda Estrada                      5 years
Judy Jagassar                           5 years
Jason Lugo                                5 years
Erin Mann                                 5 years
Teresita Montevirgen             10 years
Vania Montras                         5 years
Melissa Robison                      20 years
Joanne Russo                          40 years
Joanne Russo                          Retiring
Vanessa Williams                   5 years
Wallace Williams                    5 years

Our Lady of Refuge Parish
Nerisa Bethel                           5 years
Yvette Clairjean                       5 years
Carlene Vesprey                      5 years

Our Lady of Solace Parish
Angela Dudley                         10 years
Lisa Ferreira                            Initial

Our Lady of Solace Parish
Jacqueline Johnson               Initial
Anita Mieles                            5 years
Gisella Munoz                         5 years

Our Lady of Sorrows Parish
Dolores Abreu                                 Ongoing
Lourdes Aguilar                              10 years
Benny Almonte                               10 years
Carlos Asitimbay                             Enrichment
Blanca Castillo                                 5 years
Matilde Janet Collado                    10 years
Matilde Janet Collado                    Enrichment
Elvia Guazhco                                  10 years
Maria Jimenez                                 Enrichment
Luzmila Lema                                  Ongoing
Onofre Lopez                                   5 years
Josefina Merlin                               10 years
Luis Daniel Mora                            Initial
Luzmila Pantosin                            Enrichment
Juan Carlos Perez                           Initial
Maria J. Vaca                                   Ongoing
Maria J. Vaca                                   Initial
Marcelina Vega                               Initial
Nelida Velesaca                               Enrichment
Charlie Yascaribay                          10 years

Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy
Nicole Fulgoni                                  Initial

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament School
Margaret Binder                            Ongoing
Diane Carbone                               Enrichment
Diane Carbone                               Initial
Diane Carbone                               Ongoing
Kathryn Kane                                 Ongoing
Carol Kupferschmidt                    Initial
Carol Kupferschmidt                    Ongoing

Our Lady of the Cenacle Parish
Renee Fleetwood                           Enrichment
Renee Fleetwood                           Ongoing

Our Lady of the Presentation-Our Lady of Mercy Parish
Lindsay Glover                               Initial

Our Lady of the Snows Parish
Nayda Caban                                   5 years
Carmine Coletti                              10 years
Valerie Coletti                                 10 years
Mary Farrone                                  10 years
Mary Fisher                                     10 years
Susan Gallo                                      10 years
Thomas Liberto                               5 years
Deidre McManus                            10 years
Lynn Moran                                      5 years
Regina Moreno                                30 years
Christine Rodriguez                        10 years
Geraldine Tambasco                       Retiring
Geraldine Tambasco                       25 years
Thomas         Puja Thomas             5 years
John Warren                                    15 years
Lisa Warrren                                    15 years

Resurrection Parish
Mary Douglas                                  25 years
James Giorgio                                 10 years
Kathleen Olsen                                30 years
Carolyn Spinner                              25 years
Marjorie Walsh                               15 Years

Sacred Heart Parish, Cambria Heights
Colette Cajoux                                 Initial
Marcelle Colette Cajoux                15 years
Jeffrey Hyppolite                            Initial
Nerlande Lafond                             Initial
Marcelle Mauvais                            Initial
Evelyne Ricot                                   Initial
Benita Simmons                              Initial

Ss. Joachim & Anne Parish
Marie Coty                                        10 years
Rolando Escobar                             10 years
Nereida Nelly Lopez                       10 years
Tony Quinones                                 20 years

Ss. Joachim & Anne School
Lori Cotellessa                                 15 years
Karen Freire                                     Retiring
Karen Freire                                     Ongoing
Vito Savasta                                     15 years

Ss. Simon & Jude Parish
Carmela Acquaviva                        20 years
Donna Dunleavy                             5 years
Sandy Lepore                                  10 years
Ann Mari                                          15 years
Robin Saffioti                                  5 years

St. Adalbert School
Marilyn Marino                             Initial
Darlene Mehta                               Initial

St. Andrew Avellino Parish
Angela Bartolini                              5 years
Suzanne Dziepak                            10 years
Jamie Vitale                                     5 years

St. Athanasius Parish
Kenneth Wodzanowski                  10 years

St. Bartholomew Catholic Academy
Maureen Sheehan                          Initial

St. Bernard Catholic Academy
Eileen Simonsen                              10 years
Rose Ann Vito                                  10 years
Melissa Wagner                               Initial
Marilyn Riccitelli                             Ongoing

St. Camillus- St. Virgilius Parish
Barbara Corbett                               10 years
Ellen Cuomo                                     10 years
Mary Kay Flynn                                10 years
Mary Moylan                                    10 years
Sarah Searson                                   50 years

St. Camillus- St. Virgilius Catholic Academy
Jean Spranger                                  20 years

St. Clement Pope Parish
Patricia Robinson                            5 years

St. Elizabeth Parish
Madeline Hernandez                     20 years

St. Francis of Assisi Parish
Stacey Gracia                                  5 years
Maria Iaonnou                                25 years

St. Francis of Assisi School
Angela Anello                                  5 years
Nancy Annunziata                          20 years
Nancy Annunziata                          Enrichment
Laura Bertuccio                              25 years
Patricia Cavera                                25 years
Jennifer Chin-Sinn                         5 years
Melanie Curro                                 5 years
Melanie Curro                                 Initial
Catherine Kerins                             20 years
Catherine Kerins                             Enrichment
Sara Kovalesky                                Initial
Celeste McCarthy                            5 years
Donna McLaughlin                        30 years
Theresa Mincone                            25 years
Maureen Mullaney                         15 years
Anne Stefano                                   30 years
Marie Wytak                                    30 years

St. Frances de Chantal Parish
Iwona Biel                                        15 years
Boguslawa Borkowska                  10 years
Elzbieta Kralik                                5 years
Arleta Marnik                                 5 years
Krystyna Nowak                             15 years
Maria Serafin                                  20 years
Ewa Wiater                                     10 years
Teresa Wojcik                                 15 years

St. Francis de Sales Catholic Academy
Katherine Atanasio                        35 years
Katherine Atanasio                        Retiring
Marlo Fountaine                             5 years
Helene Hamilton                            25 years
Maureen Hayes                               5 years
Judith Lindner                                35 years
Susan Maguire                                10 years
Rori Martello                                   5 years
Sally Quinn                                      25 years
Laura Sullivan                                10 years

St. Francis Xavier-St. Augustine Parish
Brendon Maloney                           CYMI

St. Gerard Majella Parish
Denise Das                                       M.A. Scholarship Program

St. Gregory the Great Parish, Queens
Joseph Merai                                   10 years
Sheila Moriarty                               5 years
Brenda Vega                                    10 years

St. Gregory the Great School
Angela Downing                             10 years
Danielle Green                                5 years
Jennifer Jones                                15 years

St. Joseph Parish, LIC
Janet Alfano                                     30 years Posthumously Awarded
Yvonne Elhassani                            5 years
Marlen Kaselis                                 5 years
Laroi Lawton                                    5 years
Loretta Rosas                                   30 years

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Academy
Thomas Callahan                            Initial
Robert DiNardo                              Ongoing

St. Luke School
Kathy Fabregas                               15 years
Kathy Fabregas                               Ongoing
Christine Kenny                              Initial
Madeleine Krips                             Retiring
Annette Vella                                  Retiring

St. Margaret Parish
Lorraine Diehl                                  5 years
Fran DiPilla                                      25 years
Pat Doktor                                        25 years
Yvonne Lawless                               5 years
Cari-Ann LoBello                             5 years

St. Martin of Tours-Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Elizabeth Cabrera                           20 years
Dieuvela Charles                             5 years

St. Mary Gate of Heaven Parish
Theresa Matarese                          5 years

St. Mary Magdalene Parish
Taryn Bettis                                     5 years
Cara Bloncourt                                5 years
Nanncy Goldman                            5 years
Yves Rene                                         5 years

St. Mary Mother of Jesus Parish
Gloria Gonzaga                               M.A. Scholarship Program

St. Matthias School
Sr. Eileen Denny, SSND                 Ongoing
Sr. Eileen Denny, SSND                 Retiring
Sr. Katharine Lawless, SSND        Retiring

St. Michael Parish, Brooklyn
Silvia Agosto                                     20 years
Adolfo Balbuena                              5 years
Carmen Milagros Colon                 5 years
Lourdes Estrella                              5 years
Luz Maria Garcia                            10 years
Juana Nunez                                    10 years
Jose Rolando Salinas                      5 years
Roberto Torres                                 Initial
Noel Vasquez                                    10 years
Noel Vasquez                                    CYMI

St. Michael Parish, Queens
Jamilton Andrade                           5 years
Claudio Arce                                     Enrichment
Claudio Arce                                     Initial
Claudio Arce                                     Ongoing
Claudia Artiga                                  Initial
Claudia Artiga                                  Ongoing
Anita Cano-Malpelli                       Ongoing
Virginia Chin                                    Enrichment
Gina DeStefano                               10 years
Aruna Lakra                                     Ongoing
Nercida Polanco                              10 years
Deborah Rubino                              Initial
Deborah Rubino                              Ongoing
Dimitri Santana                               Enrichment

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish
Nina Rivera                                      15 years
Rose Ruesing                                   20 years

St. Pius X Parish
Maria Fernandez                            5 years

St. Teresa Parish, Queens
Lucha Alforque                                5 years
Michael Broda                                 5 years
Jessica Cuzco                                   5 years
Ildaura Heleno                                5 years
Arymayra Lopez                              5 years
Allison Zambrano                           5 years


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