Obituaries, Week of December 2, 2023

Sister Noemi Valdes, of the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix, passed away at age 96 on Sept. 16, 2023. 

Sister Noemi just celebrated her 65th jubilee anniversary the week before on Sept. 8 at Cabrini of Westchester Nursing Home where she resided for the past 12 years. 

Sister Noemi was born July 6, 1927, in Ranchuelo, Cuba. 

She came to the United States to visit her cousin and decided to stay and learn English. The church she was attending had a group called the Legion of Mary. 

Noemi joined this group and then started visiting hospitals to talk and pray with people. 

One day the Legion of Mary had a retreat that was organized by the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix. 

While Sister was there, the Lord spoke to Noemi’s heart and she decided to follow Him. 

Sister Noemi entered the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix on Sept. 8, 1958, and took her final vows on Dec. 8, 1966. 

Also, she became a U.S. citizen on Dec. 6, 1960. 

Sister Noemi’s well-traveled ministry took her to Detroit, 1958- 1968; Cincinnati, 1968-1971; Manhattan, 1971-1981; O’Donnell, Texas, 1982-1983; the Bronx, 1983- 1986, with Our Lady of Pity; the Bronx, 1986-1989, with Our Lady of Mercy; Ridgewood, St. Francis De Sales, 1989-2002. 

She dedicated herself to serving the elderly and homebound of St. Aloysius Parish, Riverview, Michigan. from 2003-2012, where she ministered to the assisted living facilities and the homebound. 

She lived in Cabrini of Westchester Nursing Facility, Dobbs Ferry, from 2012 until her death. 

Her funeral Mass was celebrated by Father Ron Galt at Cabrini of Westchester Nursing Facility. 

Her final resting place is at Calvary Cemetery in Woodside.