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Nuestra Voz’s Editor On Reality TV Show

by Marietha Gongora

Daniel Alvarez in his role as editor of Nuestra Voz.
Daniel Alvarez in his role as editor of Nuestra Voz.

Last month, Univision premiered its newest reality TV show called “Va por Ti,” a singing competition featuring 28 Hispanic men and women from different regions of the U.S.

Three of Latin music’s biggest stars each choose and coach a team of aspiring singers. Celebrity judges evaluate the performance of the singers, but in the end, only one will become the newest Latin singing sensation.

One man who is vying for that opportunity is Daniel Alvarez, editor of Nuestra Voz, the Brooklyn Diocese’s monthly Spanish-language newspaper.

“Words cannot describe how excited I am,” said Alvarez, a Cuban-American who goes by the stage name Arias.

He auditioned and was selected for the show, which is being filmed in Mexico and seeks to discover and promote Hispanic talent.

Singing has been Alvarez’s passion since he was a child. Growing up in Miami, he and his sister would sing along to their parents’ record collection. He sang constantly in his teens and formally began his career when he decided to take singing and diction lessons after college. His family, especially his grandmother, has supported and encouraged him on this journey.

Although the versatility of his voice is undeniable, Alvarez does not hide his preference for ballads because for him “the ballad touches the fibers of people’s souls in a way that other genres can’t.”

Among the ballads in his repertoire are Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” and John Legend’s “All of Me.”

Alvarez believes that three years ago, God led him to work with Nuestra Voz to strengthen his faith.

“With God all things are possible. If it was not by His will and the faith that has grown in me, I would not be here on the way to fulfill my dream,” he said.

“There is no other option for me than singing. That’s what I’m doing, and it always will be what I will do, if God gives me the opportunity.

“In 20 years, I see myself doing the same thing I’m doing now, singing and enjoying it,” he said.

The competition continues this Sunday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on Univision or Univision.com.

Daniel Alvarez ready to perform on stage.
Daniel Alvarez ready to perform on stage.
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