Letters to the Editor

Not a Right But a Privilege

Dear Editor: Yes, a nation of legal immigration (“A Church of Immigrants,” March 23). To give non-documented individuals the rights we have as citizens, is to devalue our citizenship. To give these individuals drivers licenses and allow them to vote, is contributing to much misinformation.

Imagine going and voting in Germany as a non-citizen. Pure nonsense. The far left wants this so as to retain power. God bless America and its truths.


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Dear Editor: Without assimilation we indeed lose America. Those who come only for economic reasons and vote selfishly do a disservice to all Americans. Citizenship is not a right but a privilege that comes with responsibility to the Nation and her people.

If you don’t want to become an American, then go back to your country and work on making it home. Illegals are being used by the Democratic-Socialists for their own agendas. We all suffer as a result of their criminal actions.


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